We here at BooJee Beads have been studying educators and their busy days. What we learned was that teachers and professors have to juggle quite a few things. Why should your ID badge be another hindrance when it can be a helper? We invite you on a field trip to explore our selection of badge reels that are both practical and eye-catching.

Wear Your Heart on Your Collar or Your Sleeve

                                                    Cute Badge Reels for Teachers and College Professors

Teachers pour their hearts into their work. Our fashionable badge reels allow you to keep your ID securely at hand while expressing your pride in your job. The spinning alligator clip adjusts with your movements. Whether you wear your ID badge on your collar or your sleeve, you can be confident that it is hanging straight.

Do your students seem bored in class? Wake them up by showing them your fun side. From a chalkboard to an apple for the teacher, we have the cute badge reels that all teachers love to wear. Our bright colors and trendy designs will have all eyes at the front of the class.

Swipe your ID badge with ease with our retractable 32-inch cord. You will never have to remove your ID badge again or worry about misplacing it. We also offer a clear, bi-way pocket. This clever accessory protects your ID and accommodates all badges whether they are vertical or horizontal.

Badge Reels for the Professional Professor

                                           Badge Reels for the Professional Professor

Our studies took us to college next. We learned that professors prefer to keep a certain amount of decorum in their classes. Our fashionable line of badge reels will bring a touch of style to the busy professor. Our collections include sparkling stones and beautifully hammered metals. Each one is designed to suit even the most discriminating tastes while letting you accessorize in style.

The Perfect Badge Reels for Game Day and Gift Giving


Even the most proper professor likes to have fun at the big game. With BooJee Beads collegiate badge reels, now you can wear your ID while showing your school pride. Cheer your team on knowing our Badge reel is hard at work keeping your ID badge securely in place.

What do you give the teacher who seems to have it all? Take your pick. BooJee Beads is

 proud to offer an affordable variety pack featuring five of our most popular teacher themed badge reels. Now you can share your pride in your job with your fellow teachers.

BooJee Beads is a unique company founded by working women for working women. Read our story here and learn how the top functional fashion accessory company came to life.

Shop our boutique for the widest array of badge reels that let you express yourself while still fitting nicely into your budget. We have an excellent return policy in case you are not completely satisfied with your order.

Contact us today for the cutest ID badge reels available. We have done our homework and we are ready to prove to you that we are at the top of the class.

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