When you hear the word lanyard, you may think of a boring, bland accessory that is used only to hold your work ID or keycard. Many years ago, that may have been the case, but with BooJee Beads’ wide selection of beautiful, hand-crafted lanyards, this once drab item has become a fashion staple. And this is really good news, because lanyards have so many creative uses both in and outside of the workplace. Consider just some of those uses below and think of someone in your life who would benefit from a special BooJee Beads lanyard!

Display your work ID with style.

If you must display a work ID in order to comply with your employer, you might as well do so in style! Fashion lanyards are particularly perfect for this purpose, as they safely and securely hold your ID while also serving as a fashion accessory. These lanyards can also be worn as just a necklace! Nurses, teachers, and business professionals alike wear a lanyard each and every day in the workplace.

Keep your student ID secure.

Students in high school or college often need to keep their student ID with them at all times. Not only does it serve as identification, but oftentimes it is also their keycard, credit card and more. Rather than trying to keep track of this essential ID loose in a book bag or wallet, students can secure it with a lanyard, making it easy to find exactly when they need it. We are also very excited about our Collegiate Badge Reels, which allow students (and alma mater) at universities and colleges across the United States to celebrate their school pride—and keep their ID safe at the same time!

Never lose your keys.

One of the fundamental uses for a lanyard is to attach to your keys. How many times do we rush through our home, frantically searching for our keys? A lanyard makes it much easier to spot your keys, or hang them from a hook in a central location in your home. Plus, in our opinion, it is so much nicer to hang our keys from a beautiful beaded lanyard than a plain, old key ring!

Carry identification when traveling.

Planning a cruise or a trip abroad? You will want to keep your cruise card or other essential identification close at hand during your trip. A beaded lanyard can serve a dual purpose—an accessory to wear throughout your trip and a way to safeguard your valuable identification.

These are just some of the many ways lanyards can be used. Now, the next time you know someone planning a trip abroad, preparing to head to college, or graduating from a nursing program, you can surprise them with a unique handcrafted lanyard from BooJee Beads! 

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