Our retractable badge reels are as cool and fun as fidget rings. You tug on your ID that’s attached to a BooJee Beads retractable badge reel and the cord uncoils inside the badge reel, unlike traditional badge holders where you have to unclip your card key to get it close to the reader. All of our badge reels work with a simple pull and release. You pull the ID/cord out, and it snaps back in with a spring action as you let go. Not only are BooJee Beads functional jewelry beautiful and come in a wide variety of on-trend styles, but they are fun gadgets to have on your person.

                                                           Cool Lanyards With Retractable ID Badge Holders

Highly Functional Features

The cord expands over 30inches long, to give you plenty of length to reach a door knob with your keys, card swiper, etc. The loop with the snap button at the end slides into any standard size loophole you can make on a card. The badge reel itself has a clip instead of a pin so that it doesn’t make holes in your clothing. For extra flexibility, the clip spins, to move with you as you are going through your busy body day.  

Browse our hundreds of styles of identification jewelry

There will be something that speaks to you and at a very competitive price .

Exceptionally Beautiful Badge Reels

Most companies nowadays do not pay much attention to the look and design of a badge reel. However, that’s exactly why BooJee Beads came into being and why we managed to break through the million-dollar sales barrier in just three short years from inception. We’ve also founded and lead the niche market in identification jewelry during the past 16 years. We make it a point to glam up anything that you will wear. Whether it’s our eyeglass holders, badge reels, key rings, lanyards (the necklace IDs hang off of) or any other office, conference and clinic identification prop.

Every one of our styles has been purposefully designed with the latest trends in mind. Our team comes up with new styles to choose from every 120 days. Today we have over 150 items available for purchase on our eCommerce site.

Rhinestones, enameled, rose-gold tone, multi-toned, turquoise, peach, tassels, any color or any style that you’re attracted to that has come into fashion is available on our site. Every personality can be represented here, including people who avoid fads and love classic looks.

Meant To Be Together

We have paired some of badge reels with our fabulous lanyards for you.

1. Going for the gold, we suggest these two gorgeous items be united. Our Dresden Heart Badge Reel mingles perfectly among the dankly-look of this gorgeous Gatsby Chain Fashion Lanyard, with a look reminiscent of the roaring 20s.

Note if the badge reel embellishment is made of metal, like the model above, then the badge reel itself is most likely also a metallic color. To confirm, check each product image to see the back.

                                Cool Lanyards With Retractable ID Badge Holders

2. In turquoise-colored heaven: blue is already a proven favorite among people, and this shade has, from ancient days and across cultures, had positive meanings. Pair up our infinitely attractive, Florence beaded gold-tone chain necklace lanyard with one of our most popular models, the Jaipur mandala badge reel.

    Cool Lanyards With Retractable ID Badge Holders

3. Dark countess, for a little mystery and elegance. From our classic yet modern designs, you can pair up the  Countess Fashion Lanyard necklace with double chains and black and white charms along the length with our sparkly Audrey Badge Reel in in black, with an enameled look. The elegant asymmetrical swirls are lined with rhinestones, creating a beautiful focal point to pull together a chic look.

                 Cool Lanyards With Retractable ID Badge Holders                 
Happy Shopping

Attention to detail. A love for design. And affordable pricing. That’s the mix we’ve mastered at BooJee Beads, so feel free to shop knowing that you’re getting superior quality and style at a great price.

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