With so many beautiful fashion lanyards and accessories available, it can be difficult to choose the right lanyard styles and colors for your wardrobe. How can you choose a selection of lanyards that will work with your workplace attire, as well as into the evening? If your workplace attire is dictated for you, such as a nursing white coat or scrubs, your selection process may be a little different. However, for those who have freedom to mix and match their work outfit styles and colors, we have some suggestions to help.

Start with an assortment of versatile lanyards. Accessories are intended to add interest to your outfit, and lanyards are no exception. You also hope that when you add a new lanyard to your wardrobe, you will be able to wear it with a variety of outfits. That’s why we recommend starting with 2 or 3 lanyards that can be worn with many different colors and styles. Here are a couple of our favorite, most versatile fashion lanyards:

Eclipse Fashion Lanyard: Shades of crystal and silver mesh with black-faceted glass beads in this simple, yet elegant, lanyard. This is the perfect versatile piece to add to your collection.

Pierrot Fashion Lanyard: Silver and crystal embellished medallions on a fine black chain—a gorgeous lanyard that transforms into a necklace.

Then choose several statement pieces—lanyards in bolder, brighter colors and patterns. These may not be the lanyards you wear every day, but when you do, they will make a stunning statement. There are so many fashion, beaded, and ribbon lanyards to choose from, including:

Devi Fashion Lanyard: Bold shades of green, copper and gold are featured in this versatile lanyard that becomes a necklace or wrap bracelet with the removal of the clasp.

Overland Fashion Lanyard: Bring on the pink! We love the shiny fuchsia beads. This is definitely a fun—and colorful—lanyard for work!

As you continue to grow your collection of fashion lanyards and accessories, be sure to check back to peruse our new products at BooJee Beads. 

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