Boojee Beads turned things upside down! We started hand-making and manufacturing lanyards …that are jewelry. Sixteen years on now, we have a wildly successful, ample line of chic necklaces that can be used as lanyards.

Why is this significant? Because working women needed something more than just standard lanyards. Your path to success gets a boost by shining a little more, sharing a bit of your personality and hobbies with others and having a lucky piece that attracts attention and breaks the ice.

The Boojee Beads story is a great one to tell! It all started with a young girl 9 years of age that handmade a pretty lanyard for her mother’s ID card badge. When Nurse Lisa Harrington showed up at her hospital in Cincinnati, as you can imagine, the glammed-up lanyard was a hit. The rest is history, as they say. Nurse Harrington told her sister-in-law, Kimberly Martinez about the reaction, and, in turn, Kimberly (an ex-Fortune 500 company exec) got to work jotting down a business model on a napkin and Boojee Beads was born! Read more details here.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our chic, fabulous necklaces that have all of the practical features needed to be used as a lanyard.

Great Gatsby! Tassel Jewelry Lanyard

                                    Gatsby Chain Fashion Lanyards

Boojee Beads clients love our Gatsby roaring-20s inspired tassel charm necklace lanyard. Get into the 20s drama with the gold tone tassel, a cameo-colored charm with a line of rhinestones down the middle, and white enameled gold tone charms.

Butterfly Near Your Heart Lanyard

                                  Butterfly Chain Lanyard

You’ll love this butterfly charm embossed with dots and lines on the wings. The tassel here hides the lobster hook that loops through the ID badge holder.

Exotic Indigo Necklace

                                         Indigo Evening Chain Lanyard

Indigo has long been an exotic color. Think of that dense, intense blue that you see in baskets in pictures of Indian spice markets. Rich indigo powder dye is used for materials, associating the wearer with something regal and other-worldly. You can get that same effect with our Indigo necklace. The beads in varying shades of blue contrast nicely with the deep indigo color of the chain and tassel. Silver loop chains add a little dimension to the piece.

Lanyard for Lovers of the Atlantis Legend

The Charmed blue and gold tone necklace will charm anyone. The colors are of a treasure sunken in the sea; translucent beads, watery blues of deep oceans mixed with gold tone beads and chain are an exquisite, elegant contrast. The small white pearly charm cluster hanging o ff the end adds a fun, frivolous touch.

The great thing about all of these lanyards is that the tassels and charm clusters hide the lobster chain hook that you use to loop the ID badge through.

Speak with a representative at Boojee Beads online or directly at 888-726-6533 with any questions regarding our identification jewelry, discount or wholesale pricing to purchase bulk for your entire team.

Enchanting Turquoise and Gold Lanyard

                                         Florence Beaded Lanyards

An enchanting combination, the gold and turquoise color of our Florence Beaded Lanyard can be found in ancient Mediterranean civilizations, from Egypt, Turkey to Greece and more. More than just an eye-catching combination, the color turquoise since ancient times has been used in amulets to ward off the evil eye. Small, unique charms in between are a cute touch.

Prettiest in Pink …and Rose Gold Necklace

Who doesn’t like pink, even a little? The rose gold and pink combination puts you unabashedly on one side of the fence about the color. Our Rosey Fashion Lanyard features delicate pink translucent beads, tiny pink matte beads and rose gold tone beads.

Simple, Stunning Rose Gold Tone and Silver Tone

This chain necklace has various thin chains of rose gold tone connected to silver tone larger double chains. The Fiona Fashion Lanyard is simple yet stunning.

Fiona Fashion Lanyards

Pastel Party Chain Fashion Lanyard

An ultimate necklace, the eclectic, multicolor pastel beads of our Pastel Party Chain lanyard is a pleasant, happy sight. Whimsical and pretty, the colorful lanyard can match almost any outfit.

Practical Features of Our Necklace Lanyards

Has your ID badge ever gotten in the way, twisting the entire lanyard? A spinning lobster hooks reduce this, since it can move the ID card around easily, instead of forcing the lanyard to move.

The lanyards are long, at 38" and normally hang the ID card near the tummy.

Note that most of our items are handcrafted and if you are dissatisfied with your item, our customer service team will take your call and help you with your purchase, including for returns.

Free shipping for orders over $25!**(within continental US)

Contact us online with questions regarding our jewelry lanyards, return policy, discounts on bulk orders - or just to hear our story! Speak with someone directly 888-726-6533.

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