Shopping your Breast Cancer Awareness lanyard and badge reel from Boojee Beads not only shows your support for women with cancer, but also for women in general. Boojee Beads was founded by working women for working women. You’ll get your supportive message across by hanging your ID card from one of our pink ribbon lanyards and badge reels – and have a great story to tell about Boojee Bead’s huge success!

By Working Women for Working Women

It all began when the 9 year-old daughter of Nurse Lisa Harrington handmade a necklace for her mother to hang her ID badge from and “remember her during her shift.” The pretty lanyard was a hit with the colleagues and the poignant gesture simply won everyone over.

Nurse Harrington told her sister-in-law, Kimberly Martinez about the success of the handmade lanyard and like a storm in the night, Martinez whipped up a business plan.

Their dedication to creating pretty and practical identification jewelry specifically for working women paid off. Within 3 years they broke through the coveted 1 million dollar mark. And the rest is history.

Breast Cancer Awareness Lanyards at a Beautiful Price! ($11.00)


                 Faith, Hope Love Ribbon lanyard

We’ll re-introduce you to our white Faith, Hope Love Ribbon lanyard. This price is unbeatable for a uniquely designed, quality badge reel and lanyard (of machine-washable polyester).

Note: All of our lanyard and badge reels listed here are a 3-in-1 bargain. Normally, you purchase a lanyard separately from the badge reel, but we pair them up to give you a great price on a unique design.

Call to double-check if this is still in stock or to get a direct, quick answer to any of your questions: 888-726-6533 or write us online.

                                          Hope, Love, Heal Ribbon Lanyard

Very pretty in pink, this Hope, Love, Heal ribbon lanyard is easily identifiable with the cause from afar. Get up close and you’ll delight in the script font that reads hope, love, heal in white. On the lanyard ribbon itself, the words repeat, in one uninterrupted stroke, with a heart in between.

There’s no stronger introduction than quoting the saying on this badge reel: Fight Like a Girl. Playing on the innate strength most women seem to possess, this lanyard reminds you to stay strong.

The Love badge reel lanyard will melt your heart and remind you to keep it as pure as the white background.

This pink ribbon design reads in the center of the badge reel: mother, daughter, sister, friend. Why? Because we all know a woman who has cancer and they likely fall into one of those categories closest to us. The Pink Ladies Ribbon Lanyard helps keep the sisterhood alive.

I Believe. What powerful little two words. The spattering of multicolored ribbons can apply for any cause that will help our society. It has yellow ribbons, blue ribbons, purple ribbons, green ribbons, red ribbons, and white ribbons. Each color symbolizes a different cause, such as animal abuse, religious tolerance, missing children, endometriosis, support our troops, American civil liberties, and more. With all of them represented through the multicolored ribbons, the myriads of people who are struggling against something in their lives see your kindness and support.

Pack of 3 Retractable Badge Reels at a Bargain ($18.00)

                 Pack of 3 Retractable Badge Reels at a Bargain

For only $18 you can buy a pack of 3 of Boojee Beads’ original retractable pink ribbon badge reels: Faith Hope LoveHope and Fight Like a Girl. Normally at $8 apiece, this discount price gives you a savings of $6.

Feel free to purchase one separately at $8 each by clicking on them individually above, or get the discount, buy them in the pack and give one as a gift to a colleague, friend, sister or mother. You’ll feel just as good as they do when you do.

Elegant Pink Ribbon Chain Lanyard ($20.00)

                             pink rhinestone ribbon keychain

One of our most beloved, this metallic Pink! Fashion Lanyard piece actually doubles as a necklace. Oversized, grey-ish silver tone chain links in alternating textured and smooth finishes is an attractive and modern look. The charm in the center sets a row of pink rhinestones in the shape of a ribbon against the black enamel background. The lobster swivel hook hangs from this charm for you to hook your ID badge to. After work, just unlatch your ID card and continue on your way with a great-looking necklace.

Hint: add on a beautiful, pink rhinestone ribbon keychain for ultimate impact.

Show Your Support

You’re willing and happy to show your support, so do it in as many ways as you can.

1. Use the discount on the pack to give some for your loved ones, or split the cost amongst yourselves.

2. Make sure your lanyard shows your support this month, and while you’re at it, take advantage of our 2-in-1 bargain, practical retractable badge reel and lanyard combos.

3. Buy from Boojee Beads, a woman-founded company making products for working women.

4. Help inform: use major breast cancer organizations as your sources, and debunk myths.

Call Us!

We would love to hear your questions at Boojee Beads. We also offer discounted pricing on some of our products for larger orders, so if you’re planning your event, this is the place to shop! Speak with someone at Boojee Beads at 888-726-6533 or contact us online.

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