New year, new ID holders for your busy hustle and bustle lifestyle. Women working in medicine, education, Wall Street, and the military all need to have their identification card and any other prime item at arm’s reach but sometimes it can be difficult to find that perfect badge reel that shows your personality while solving the ID carrying problem.

ID Holders For Women in the Medical Field

A smile from a nurse or doctor comes close to curing any sickness don’t you think? Nurses are constantly working with patients, running through hospital corridors for 12 hours at a time and sometimes their badge may slip off with a swift movement. Our live, love, heal ribbon lanyard can be the saving grace for your favorite nurse or yourself because of its premium breakaway release clasp. This breakaway feature is one of the most important features to a lanyard that adds safety to the individual wearing it.

Medical professionals serve others with a smile, a stethoscope and boundless compassion. Let’s think about the numerous children who are unfortunately spending some time in the hospital and we all know hospitals can be quite mundane which makes the kids extremely bored. A fun and colorful badge reel or ID holder can spark that interest in the kids or start a conversation they will enjoy can brighten their day. Some of the benefits of wearing a lanyard in the medical field:

  • Conversation piece
  • Will never lose an ID again
  • Come in all types of colors and designs
  • Most have a breakaway clasp for safety
  • You can mix and match depending on your mood

Time is of the essence in the medical field, one moment you are taking a water break and the next you are rushing a patient to safety. Most patients look to their medical professionals for assurance and what better way to demonstrate this sense of calmness than sporting the tender care beaded lanyard assorted with charms such as hearts and band-aids. If you are looking for something more simple, consider Boojee Beads super cute nurse details badge reel that attaches to your scrubs and allows for easy ID swiping in and out of hospital corridors.

ID Holders for Teachers, Professors and Daycare Professionals

Where would we be without the Ms. A’s and Ms. B’s of our childhood, the teachers who we will never forget maybe because they were extra kind to us or because they taught us something no one else did. Teachers leave a mark in our lives forever and 2019 is the year to show a little more appreciation for them all. The words of encouragement educators give to their students sometimes gives children the push they need to truly express themselves. Let’s take a look at our follow your heart badge reel depicting a joyful unicorn prancing away. Your students will look up to you, see this badge reel, and smile from cheek to cheek because not only is it comforting but also a chucklesome character to see.

As you step into 2019 do not leave the hottest styles of today behind with 2018. For only $12 you can both inspire and be trendy wearing the watercolor- style background have courage badge reel all the children in the class will love to admire. The words “Have courage & be kind” featured on the badge reel can serve as words to change how kids are acting in class or simply as a daily reminder for the quieter kids of the class. On the other hand, if you are an educator working tirelessly making arts and crafts with your kids or playing various outside games, the ABC beaded lanyard might of my interest to you for its simple functionality. The lanyard consists of primary colored beads with the letters A, B, and C along the lower middle part of the lanyard with a gorgeous plump red apple to tie it all together.

Fashion Accessories For the Businesswoman On The Go

It does not matter if you work for the biggest Fortune 500 company or a small boutique agency you will want to use a sophisticated and chic ID holder no one in the room will have because you are the It girl! Be the spunky person you want to be in the office by showing off the colorful or rhinestone studded lanyards Boojee Beads has to offer. Shop the indigo evening charm lanyard for only $11, this fashion lanyard is a handcrafted blue bead lanyard with an indigo wire tassel to spruce up your business look.

Businesswomen wear badge reels and lanyards to various events such as:

  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences
  • New venture meetings
  • Professional institutions

These are just some of the settings business women might be while tackling their busy lives. Picture this, you are running late to your first product launch trade show and you are making coffee, steaming your button down, stuffing an English muffin down your mouth, and swiftly moving down the corridor of your home and out of the house when you then notice you have no idea where your keys are or your ID. Let’s try to resolve some of that morning stress by wearing the rosey lanyard perfect for fitting in the cars keys and attaching multiple IDs to the handmade fashion lanyard. The beautiful rose gold charms are sure to have heads turning when you walk into that trade show.

Begin Your 2019 with the Best ID Holders for Your Career

As some of you might know, Boojee Beads started with just a simple idea to turn the normal out of date lanyard into something stylish and practical by two moms, one a nurse and the other a business executive for a Fortune 50 company. Lisa and Kimberly are constantly developing new ideas and conducting the proper research to know exactly what the women of today are looking for when it comes to wearing their ID’s all day. Start a conversation with us today by contacting us online to discuss any ID holder ideas or questions about bulk order for your whole nurse, class, or office staff. If you are looking to give the gift of never losing your ID or keys again but do not know quite sure what ID holder is best for the special someone to consider purchasing a gift certificate, so they have the liberty of hand selecting the lanyard that’s perfect for them.

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