If you consider yourself a fashionista, then you probably hate uniformed clothing. It’s unfortunately a requirement for some professionals. Whether its scrubs or khakis and a polo, wearing the same thing everyday can become quite mundane. After awhile, it’s clear that your work attire has seen one too many washes and suddenly acid wash is back in style—whether you want it to be or not! Even if you don’t have to wear a uniform, there still might be the issue of keeping your ID badge visible at all times. How can you do that without puncturing the fabric of your fashionable items?

The Need for ID

Many employers will provide a badge holder to accompany your ID badge, but you can count on it being the most standard and basic piece of accessory you’ll ever see. You can bet on it not being the most fashionable piece that you’ll wear but it’s a necessary evil and the requirement needed to collect a paycheck.

The ID Badge Solution for Fashionistas!

Thanks to Boojee Beads, the fashionistas will no longer have to grin and bear the monstrosity of a basic badge ID holder. It’s all because of co-owner, Lisa Harrington’s then 9-year-old daughter that ID badge holders have risen to a new level of posh and are now considered a coveted fashion accessory.

Harrington’s worked as a pediatric nurse at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. In the healthcare industry, all personnel are required to wear visible photo ID name badges at all times. Then, all Harrington wore was a basic lanyard. When her daughter crafted a beaded necklace for her to wear to work, Harrington attached her ID badge to it and the rest is history! Harrington’s handmade lanyard was in high demand. This idea paired with the entrepreneur skillset of her sister-in-law, Kimberly Martinez has provided fashionistas around the world the opportunity to up their accessory game with Boojee Beads, a line of quality designer badge reels and lanyards with the professional in mind.

What Does Boojee Beads Offer?

  • Queen Bee-Themed Badge Reel

You don’t have to be a fan of the “Bey-Hive” to sport any of our Queen Bee-Themed Badge Reels—although some might argue that you do! At any rate, whatever your musical preferences are, our dazzling badge reel is sure to bring a pop of color to anyone’s professional wardrobe. No matter what color you’re wearing, this bedazzling badge reel is sure to make an exquisite accent to your outfit. It is designed with a 32” retractable cord for quick swiping and a spinning alligator swivel clip on the back that will allow you to access your photo ID while keeping it on your body at all times.

  • Rose Flower-Themed Badge Reel

This Boojee Badge Reel is one of our top sellers. They may look delicate, but it’s durable enough to keep your photo ID attached to endure a series of pulls. With our rose flower-themed badge reel, you can look fabulous while doing it! Its marble-like look laced with a series of rhinestones makes this a darling broach a coveted fashion piece with a purpose.

  • Purple Fashion-Themed Badge Reel

Feel like pure royalty with our lovely badge reel that’s reminiscent with old-world charm. Our antique-looking badge reels are crafted in metal with a series of two-toned purple crystals that give our broaches a rich and royal appearance. Look for the badge reel with diamond-like rhinestones serving as the centerpiece surrounded by pink rhinestones making this fashionable badge reel.

  • Fashion Badge Reel

Sometimes, you just have to put all modesty aside and simply go for it! Our diamond fashion badge reels makes no apologies for its bold and dazzling appearance. It’s design is simple yet exquisite. Ask about our fashionable badge reel is the large faux diamond that is surrounded by smaller circle of faux diamonds. If you want to make a statement at work, this is the badge reel you want!

  • Standard Badge Reel

Not every fashionista professional is looking to make a big statement, but might prefer something a little more subtle. Our standard badge reels are anything but and is perfect for such a preference. Wear this modest, yet daring badge reel without your photo ID and be just as fabulous after 5!

Shop Boojee Beads!

Boojee Beads has a wide inventory of designer badge reels to satisfy any fashionista’s preference. Shop our online inventory to find the one that suits you or collect them all! Call one of our representatives at 1-888-726-6533 and ask about how you can get a 10% discount on your first purchase order. Become a preferred Boojee Beads customer today!

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