For our beaded lanyards and retractable badge reels to continue being the most fashionable, we add fresh designs in step with the latest styles. With fashion allowing us free reign to experiment with contrasts in our outfits in 2019, our beaded collections are in silvertones, futuristic metallic and exude feminine and masculine shades, sure to match anything you choose when you’re putting together your new wardrobe for the new year.

While some designers such as Haider Ackermann chose to go a somewhat androgynous and neutral route, the stellar designs were extreme; ultra feminine and ultra masculine – in each piece! Even Hermés’ usual, simple lines were accentuated with a bit of a curve.

Business suits are ultra whimsy and stark at the same time. “I’m expressly feminine and expressly masculine… and what of it?” the models seem to acknowledge.

Most of the business suite silhouettes are 80s and 90s, and some designers take that to the future (LV), while others just play, play, play. Look to Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Thom Browne and Givenchy for this spirit. Altuzarra took a sexy, tailored take on the female figure and dressed it in casual, comfortable materials.

Fashionable Beaded Lanyards and Retractable ID Badge Reel Pairs

This beaded lanyard is simple, taking a hint from natural pearls and putting a futuristic spin on them in silvertones, accentuated with the shine from small beads.

A perfect contrast to the Aphrodite beaded lanyard is a pink rhinestone studded unicorn badge reel with a message to “Follow your heart.”

For the bead-lover, this is a dream lanyard. With beads interlocked with a loop chain, the beads alternate in style, from transparent white, to translucent smoky grey, to pearlized peach, all in tones that perfectly complement each other. For no extra cost, get a small cross charm added onto this lanyard.

This square badge reel has a glassy stone look that matches perfectly with the Dawn Dove lanyard.

Who doesn’t love blue? The number one favorite color, this design is naturally appealing. The goldtone chain and beads contrast exquisitely against, navy blue and light blue-grey translucent beads. To make this even more exquisite, we’ve added sophisticated white and goldtone charms. Take it up even one more notch with a matching badge reel, like the Ajmeer model below.

The navy blue perfectly matches the Charmed Fashion lanyard, with the violet and pale pink art deco Egyptian-inspired enamel-like geometric design adds femininity to the navy blue lanyard.

Start with an ultra feminine pink, beaded necklace with alternating, ornate and plain silvertone beads. The crowning charm is a clever use of beads for a pink body and silvertone angel wings.

To get that contrast, add on the practical silver ID retractable badge reel with a rustic yet sophisticated fleur de lis décor that looks like it came straight from a Game of Thrones dark castle episode.

Boojee Beads started and has been wildly successful for 16 years because there was a demand for pretty and practical ID badge reels and lanyards. We aim to keep you a step ahead in fashion! Don’t hesitate to contact our award-winning reps at Boojee Beads, a woman-owned company creating fashion ID jewelry for workingwomen.

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