During late summer, the days remain warm but the nights turn cool, and the seasons begin to change, gradually taking us to early autumn. We shift from our summer fashion to looks that are ideal for the changing seasons. Whites and light neutrals are replaced by deeper, warmer colors. The recently released Pantone 2016 Fall Color report includes rich neutrals like Warm Taupe and Sharkskin, a gray, as well as Dusty Cedar, a rose-toned pink and Airy Blue, a light, fresh shade of blue. We have many beautiful beaded lanyards that incorporate these popular colors and are ideal to take you from late summer to autumn fashion. These are just a few of our favorites:

  • Delta Fashion Lanyard: The shades of champagne pink and plum are light and pretty for summer yet also evoke the autumn season. We love this look for this time of year—and, like all of the BooJee brand beaded lanyards, the piece transitions into a necklace for after work!
  • Celadon Fashion Lanard: This stunning lanyard incorporates shades of light green, blue, and gray with gold accents. These colors combine to make a delicate yet striking fashion statement.
  • Treasure Beaded Lanyard: Pearls know no singular season, making them ideal for any time of year. The clear beads and pearl accents make this lanyard a perfect outfit accessory during late summer and early fall.
  • Moonflower Fashion Lanyard. As Pantone reported, medium shades of gray will be popular this fall. The Moonflower lanyard incorporates shades of gray in the small beads with a large crystal flower accent. Add this lanyard to instantly elevate your outfit!

Shop our full selection of beaded lanyards to add to your wardrobe accessories for late summer and early fall. We know you will quickly find your new favorites!

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