The start of a new year brings the thrill of new possibilities, doesn’t it? The Chinese year of the earth-pig, or boar, is expected to be about achieving depth, stability and balance in terms of energy. It is time for equilibrium, cleansing and a fresh, new page. Women: that means starting anew with every thing possible!

Unique, new badge retractors to your complement wardrobe or uniform!

As usual, at Boojee Beads we keep up on fashion and the latest styles and we have added some gorgeous pieces for you to kick off your year right!

Love Always Reel

We’ve taken a hint after seeing the popularity of our silvertoned elephant retractable badge reel. If you loved that elephant, you’ll love our heart-shaped Love Always Reel, in silvertone filled in with curly cues, specked with the glimmer of rhinestones.

Love, balance and understanding is in the air. And we are betting that the metallic heart-shaped badge reel is going to be as loved as our adorable elephant badge reel.

Felicity Reel

This lovely design of glassy, peachy petals and helix-shaped, thin metallic bands lined with rhinestones and topped in the center with a white pearly bead. This is a perfect combination with many of our most popular necklace lanyards, such as the Treasure Beaded Lanyard, the Delta Fashion Lanyard and the Artemis Beaded Lanyard.

“Boojee Beads creates unique, fun and pretty ID jewelry. Drop us a line and ask our award-winning reps any question about our accessories - and bulk pricing!

Harmony Reel

Black-and-white accessories are always a versatile option. The irregular white mosaic pieces have a mother-of-pearl look against onyx mosaic pieces, and the cracks have a golden shine to them. The Harmony rectracting reel is a constant reminder of the saying about Japanese ceramic, for when one is broken, it isn’t thrown away, but rather the cracks are filled with gold, increasing the value of the piece.

Don’t hesitate to look through our chain and beaded lanyards to find one that matches. There are simply too many to list here!

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Lady Lovebug Reel

We’re taking the enameled, cute insect theme and running with it this year! Our yellow bee retractable badge reel has been an attractive purchase for our clients, which begged the question: “so when are you going to offer a lady bug reel?” We’ve designed the Lady Lovebug retracting badge reel for those who enjoy this cute look.

One of our basic and versatile pieces is at such an economical price you shouldn’t let it pass you by. At only $5, you can afford to gift yourself, one of your favorite coworkers or family members with exclusive Boojee Bead designs above and drop this one in your shopping cart as an afterthought that you won’t regret!

Retracting ID badge reels come so in handy you’ll always want to have a basic around that matches with everything. Purchase another “basic” in a crème color or black.

One of the most fashionable trends in accessories is the hammered metal look. Our Hammered Heart is a brilliant silvertone disk. Encrusted in the round disk are a row of pink rhinestones in a shapely heart. This has been one of our top sellers and we see that it will continue to be a favorite among the fashionistas as the trend carries on strongly into 2019.

About Boojee Beads

Boojee Beads was created by working women who realized that they weren’t the only ones who, if given a choice between a humdrum, standard-issue ID badge and a decorated, unique and feminine badge holder, would choose the pretty one, of course! Their bet was spot on and nearly 17 years later, they have seen their wildly popular products inspire growth in within their company and more unique designs every year.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Boojee Beads team. We’re always happy to hear from our present and future customers!

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