We love our nurses, and appreciate that they spend many long hours, both day and night, helping patients and their families. Nurses make stressful, hard times much easier and more bearable for those who are suffering—and they deserve some love and thanks!

Nurses, we have some badge holders and ID jewelry that you will love! These pieces range from fun and color to elegant and beautiful, and will be a great addition to your workplace wardrobe. While there are many pieces to choose from, these are some of our favorites for you:

hining Hope Badge Reel: This jewel, which features the familiar pink ribbon, is a symbol of hope for many. When you wear this badge reel jewel at work, you can quietly show you support for those patients who may be in the midst of a journey to fight breast cancer. Spread love and hope with this badge reel.

Daisy Flower Badge Reel: Looking for something light and fun for spring and summer? This elegant daisy, covered in tiny seed pearls with a silver and crystal center, adds a delightful touch to your scrubs or white coat.

Mended Heart Fashion Badge Reel: This sweet and cute badge reel features a smiling heart with a Band-Aid. You are sure to make your patients smile when you wear this badge ID holder!

Take a look at the many other badge reel jewels and fashion badge reels available at BooJee Beads. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

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