Studies in psychology show that our choice of fashion, colors and fabrics reflect our personality, how we are feeling, what we want to exude, and how others perceive us. So regardless if you work in the fashion industry or not, you instinctively know your clothing and accessories choices will really influence yourself and others.

More than anything, the fashionista in her work environment feels empowered when she succeeds in pulling together the outfit that makes the impression she is aiming for. She enjoys following runway trends, piecing together her own outfits and taking note of fashion bloggers.

BooJee Beads updates our designs every 120 days to stay in step with fashion trends. Our identification jewelry will help you feel one-of-a-kind, detailed, relevant and stunning in your energetic business setting.

All Black

Bonitas Model ID Badge Lapel

Black is the ultimate classic sophisticated color. It also signals that you are looking to be taken seriously. Your work speaks for itself. To support this, you can get a basic badge reel that clips to your lapel or breast pocket. This is strategically-placed so when you reach for the handshake, it’s directly in the line of vision, calling attention to your name tag.

We have an incredible variety of badge reels –more than 60!- for you to choose from. So there’s bound to be one that you love. Have fun browsing our retractable badge reels here. Our basic metallic model starts at just $5, while most average at just $11.Our badge reels are also very practical. A tug on your name badge and the cord unwinds inside of the badge reel to reach a key card reader, or to show to security.

Fancy, Fancy

If fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Coco Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, and Versace are your inspiration, you can attach your ID to a BooJee Beads necklace lanyard that meets the challenge. Our catalog has around 40 different styles of chain lanyards. Some are simple, metallic chains, while others are decorated with beads, charms or tassels in a variety of colors, ranging from neutrals to pastels to saturated. Check out our elegantand exciting collection here.

For the most part, our lanyards have a lobster hook at the end that swivels, so your ID badge moves comfortably as you move. Whenever you want to take off your ID badge, you can quickly unhook it, tuck it away in your purse and your chain lanyard remains a gorgeous necklace accessorizing your outfit.

Practical, unique ID badge sleeves

Bonitas Badge Gripper

And there are always the details. Even a fashion-conscious person will appreciate the practical details of these unique badge holders. These badge sleeves have two spines with a space for the snap-buttoned loop as well as little holes for a lobster hook.

We also have the super practical, open-ended ID badge holder. Unlike most badge sleeves where you would have to remove your key card every time to swipe it, an ingenious attachment in our open-ended badge holder grabs onto your card key snugly so you can swipe it easily.

Have you ever seen an ID gripper? If a plastic sleeve or holes in your ID are not options, maybe a gripper is the answer. Just slip the ID card between the silicone inner core grippers and hang your ID from your lanyard or badge reel with the gripper handle.

Any accessory from the BooJee Beads catalog makes a great gift for your style-conscious entrepreneurial friends and family. It truly shows your support for their work, your understanding of their lifestyle and love of fashion. Browseour entire catalog -we’ve got eyeglass holders, wallets, key chain bracelets and more!

Here are some fashion psychology hints based on real studies:

  • Wearing something red can get you higher tips, and by extension, maybe more commissions.
  • A low neckline on a CV can increase your chances of getting called.
  • The higher your heels, the more likely men are to help you or take a survey.
  • A woman is more likely to dress sexier when she’s ovulating.

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