Animal prints never seem to really go out of style. When they are hot they are hot, and when they are not in the forefront of fashion, if someone wears an animal print, everyone goes ga-ga. That’s just a fact. And why? We all secretly love that animalistic side to ourselves and that connection with land and nature.

Boojee Beads strives to create fashionable and practical lanyards for every woman in every occupation. Our custom printed lanyards are made to keep the balance between style and functionality to deliver the superior products our clients expect. Our collection of animal print lanyards is carefully chosen to add a pop to your workday attire.

The creators of Boojee Beads know how important it is to express yourself through your clothing and accessories. Every personalized lanyard is made with the client in mind and priced competitively - for over 16 years.

zebra print ribbon lanyard

Let Your Lanyard Hang Loose As You Step Into an African Oasis


Transport yourself to an African savanna where you may find elephants, leopards or zebras dipping their feet into a splendid sanctuary. Now bring yourself back to the reality of life, but do not forget you can now bring that image of Africa with you always. Our zebra ribbon lanyard exemplifies the rare distinct stripes of such a mesmerizing animal.

Would you consider yourself or someone you know fierce and bold? The leopard spot ribbon lanyard is perfect to portray your animalistic side. The extraordinary pattern of rosettes on the coat of a leopard are mirrored on our handmade leopard print lanyard with a contrasting light brown to dark brown tone.

>>Enjoy browsing our large selection of unique lanyards that suit your style! Our award-winning sales team is ready to answer any question at 888-726-6533 or contact us online.

butterfly print ribbon lanyard

Unparalleled 3-in-1 Exotic Lanyards


When it is time to purchase a lanyard, many times you must purchase the badge reel to attach but Boojee Beads offers our 3-in-1 lanyards for an affordable price of $11. Some of our most popular 3-in-1 animal print lanyards include the butterfly ribbon lanyard in a bright purple and teal color scheme and the hula monkey ribbon lanyard, making lanyards a fun way to express your wild side!

Most of Boojee Bead’s exclusive printed badge reel lanyards feature:

  • Retractable badge reel, so you don’t have to unclip your card key to swipe or remove your ID card to show it to security. Just tug (the cord stretches to 32 inches) and it will coil back by itself when you’re done.
  • A plastic loop at the end of the badge reel with a metal snap button to hold your ID badge
  • Breakaway clasps hold your lanyard securely and safe by snapping apart in case you get caught on something to ensure your neck does not get hurt
  • The ribbon is of durable, washable polyester to keep your lovely lanyard clean

elephant print ribbon lanyard

Heart-and-Elephant Key Ring Lanyard


If you are prefer something simpler, such as a key ring lanyard, Boojee Beads also offers the beautiful trunk love key ribbon lanyard for our elephant-lover clients. Tiny hearts connect each elephant together in this absolutely adorable animal-style lanyard.

At the end of this lanyard you’ll find a swiveling lobster hook that you can latch your ID Badge or key card through.

Go Ahead, Style Up With Animal Print Lanyards

If you are a nurse, teacher or a worker on the go you will be sure to draw some eyes when wearing one of our fabulous lanyards. If you have a special someone in mind, do not hesitate to contact our fantastic online team or call 888-726-6533 to speak to an expert about your animal print lanyard desires. Rawr. 

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