Fashionable retractable badge reels are one of the best ways to bring some elegance, flair and professional fun to your workday.

We offer a large variety of fashionable badge reels that are perfect for a wide range of industries.


  • Super sharp art deco style reels
  • Bright reels that add a pop of color to your day
  • Textured reels that work with professional themes
  • ID badge pulleys that function perfectly but look like jewelry

...and so much more. Let’s explore some sophisticated options.

Fashionable Retractable Badge Reels With Elegant Professional Style

Do you need a fashionable retractable badge reel that fits in with the most professional attire? Wear this sharp and clean black and white Truman badge reel with any outfit. It features an incredible art deco style with black and white angular patterns and a rhinestone to emphasize the center and catch the eye of your colleagues, clients, partners, customers and more. Not only does this badge look great, but it also works perfectly. This ID badge pulley lets you retract your swipe into secure areas, offices, and anywhere else you need to.

Retractable Badge Reel That Fits In With Fashionable Leather Looks

Leather shoes, belts, and bags are common elements of any professional attire. What if you had a retractable badge pin that fits right into it? This alligator badge pin is perfect for your needs. It’s got a wonderful realistic texture that matches your favorite oxblood pieces. The retractable pulley is smooth, quiet and secure. It lets you clip this pin anywhere you want, including your purse, belt, collar or lapel.

Green Thumb Badge Reel: The Perfect Piece For Your Green Brand

A wide range of industries and companies have a strong “green” element to their brand. This Green Thumb badge reel lets you show off your love for planet earth with a super simple attractive retractable badge reel. Whether you are gardening, farming, serving whole foods or working with anything green and earth related, this badge reel is perfect for you. With this piece, you get three beautiful flowers that are in fun, kid-like blue, orange and yellow patterns on a pink background like a cupcake. Pops of color like sprinkles add to the overall sweet look and feel of this reel. Strong retractable technology lets you swipe in and out of any area like greenhouses, refrigerators, clock-in locations, and so much more.

Ajmeer Badge Reel: Gorgeous Fashion And Functional Badge Reel in One Piece

The Ajmeer is a badge reel that positively pops with gorgeous, fashionable style. It has a pretty, layered pattern that bows out like a rainbow of jewels and metal work. The color scheme is perfect with numerous types of looks thanks to its black, blue, green, maroon and gold design scheme. The hues are far from unidimensional, rather new microtones and polychromatic textures emerge on a wide range of distinct patterns. Fashion and function merge in this piece, with its spinning alligator clip back and quick-swipe super retractable cord.

Fashionable Badge Reel Meets Functional Retractable Pulley: Gold Leaf Badge Reel For Your ID

One of the most beautiful badge reels we offer is this fashionable gold leaf ID badge pulley. In this piece, gold-colored textured metal works itself into the veined, curling pattern of a leaf. Rhinestones line the stem of this leaf design for added flash and dazzle. Keep your ID badge at the ready for and swipe or scanning machine you need. Function meets fashion in this gleaming, tasteful piece.

Shine Cross Badge Reel: Faith And Fashion With One ID Badge Pulley

Take pride in your faith with this beautiful, fashionable Shine Cross badge reel. Whether you work for a faith-based organization or just want to take pride in what you believe, this badge reel is perfect for you. Like all of our badge reels, the pulley system is top-quality and made to function for long term use. This piece has a wonderful, stone-looking patterned background with a cross done in rhinestones. The intersection of the cross is ringed by tiny stones. This is a unit that brings fashion and faith together in one beautiful piece.

Fern Badge Reel: Functional Badge Reel That Brings A Natural Look To Your ID

Bring a supernatural look to your elegant professional attire with this fern ID badge pulley. In this unit, we have an attractive, woodgrain style background behind a metal fern with shiny silver colored leaves. The attention to detail in the design for this piece brings out the overall natural effect of this piece beautifully. You can be confident in the pulley system of this pin for whenever you need to grab your ID and scan or swipe into a given location.

ID Badge Pulley With Elegant Colors And Textures: Coronet Badge Reel

This Coronet ID badge pulley is a beautiful pin that absolutely anyone can wear for any profession. In this piece, a large gemstone is surrounded by kernels of amber, light blue stones, intricate metalworking, all bordered by dinged and hammered metal in a style called “distressing”. It works for just about any industry you’re in, and it is appropriate for any event. It is simple, professional, beautiful and ready for use in any event.

ID Badge Pulley In Simple Elegant Gold: The Sif Badge Reel

Bring some elegance, glamour, and style all while keeping it simple with a gold-colored flowering pin design. The Sif badge reel has a gemstone surrounded by a small decal, larger decals, and curling, flowering patterns. This gorgeous design is ideal because it is merged with functional, sturdy pulley technology.

Get The Best ID Badge Pulleys For Your Professional Environment

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