Being a nurse requires quite a bit of love. Nurses love their job, their patients and now Boojee Beads has given nurses one more thing to love. We have a knack for helping nurses express their individuality with our unique ID badge reels. We have a wide variety of badge reels to let you put some shine in your day. Take a peek at these 7 glitter badge reels that nurses love.

  1. Are you the superstar of your medical office? Then let it shine. Rock that superstar attitude with our Starshine Badge Reel. A deep, royal purple sets the stage for the accent rhinestones that make the five points pop. This is an excellent glitter badge reel for the nurse with a shining personality.


2. If you really love your job use the ultimate symbol of love to express this. Our lovely Rose Flower Badge Reel is one of our most popular out of our 200+ collection. The opalescent look represents elegance, while the delicate petals carry brilliant rhinestone accents. Perfectly reflecting the personality of nurses, this sparkling badge reel shows the world your soft and bold sides at once.

                                                               Rose Flower Badge Reel

3. Some days it seems like a nurse flutters from one task to another. And who doesn’t love a butterfly? Especially with such beauty as found in our delicate, embossed Butterfly Badge Reel. Show all of your patients your spark and grace – just like a regal butterfly.

                                                       Butterfly Badge Reel

>> Boojee Beads’ exclusive designs are updated every 120 days to keep up with trends and offer our loyal clientele something new and exciting. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to one of our award-winning representatives at 888-726-6533 or Audrey Badge Reel and a little bling. A sophisticated black enamel backdrop highlights a stunning swirly display of rhinestones. This reel brings a smashing bit of class to whatever outfit you’ve chosen for your meeting.

5. No matter how much you love your job, every nurse needs a vacation once in a while. In the spirit of those nurses who are dreaming of tropical breezes, we offer our Ocean Badge Reel to soothe your spirits. The blue of the reel mimics the tranquil ocean waters, while different size rhinestones shimmer like sunshine on the gentle waves. Take the one large rhinestone to symbolize something important to you, such as “the place” where you go, mentally, when you need a tranquil moment. Watery blues are among people’s favorite colors, so this is sure to be a hit as a gift, whisking everyone away on a breezy, beautiful vacation every day.

                                                    Ocean Badge Reel

6. The Dresden Heart has been one of our best selling retractable badge reels for months. Nurses love the bubbly, generous shape of the heart, how sturdy it looks and feels in their hands and the shine of the solid goldtone with a unique finish. Adding to the uniqueness of this design is the choice of different size rhinestones to really make this a stunning piece. It lets you express your mastery of the chaos that is the job you love. Wear your multifaceted heart on your pocket or collar.

                                                        Dresden Heart Badge Reel

7. One of the most expressive badge reels for a nurse you will find with BoojeeBeads is the Hammered Heart Badge Reel. While the description refers to the style of metallic material the rhinestones are set into, it also can describe how our hearts feel sometimes. Nurses are dedicated to their job and to human beings in a way few other professions could possibly approximate. They pour their hearts into their jobs every day and, as a result, their hearts are impressed with the love of their patients, the hardships that they all face and the joys of this human interaction. This badge reel is a touching symbol of the life of a dedicated nurse and makes a wonderful gift to one who has gone above and beyond for a patient and their colleagues.

                                                         Dresden Heart Badge Reel

Boojee Beads Makes a Nurse’s Day Glitter

Every woman has a side not many people see. Boojee Beads gives nurses a new way to connect with patients with their own style.

All of these badge reels have a

  • 32-inch retractable cord for easy swiping
  • a spinning alligator clip to keep your ID in place
  • a sturdy vinyl loop to keep your ID badge secure.

As tough as they are beautiful, these glitter badge reels will steal the heart of any nurse in your life or on your gift list.

Contact us today to find out how to bring some glimmer to the nurse’s cloudiest day. Our competitive pricing will allow you to make every nurse in your world feel understood.

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