A drab and tattered lanyard can overshadow the most fashionable work attire. Sure, a photo of your fabulous face may be hanging at the end of it, but wouldn’t you prefer to pair that photo ID of yours with something more elegant to complement your work outfit?

When you look good, you feel good! For the fashionistas out there, this type of thinking can go a heck of a long way! That’s why wearing a new piece of jewelry has the potential to set your day off in the right direction, especially on those dreaded Mondays!

Boojee Beads has designed a collection of crystal lanyards in an assortment of styles and colors to go with elegant work attire.

Fashion-Themed Lanyards

Some of our lanyards are designed in a series of intertwined silver metal loops, and can easily be mistaken for a fine piece of jewelry. The clear cylinder crystal-like beads reflect light from its prism-like design. This chic lanyard is sure to enhance the look of any work attire. Measuring at 38” long, our fashion lanyards hangs 19” from the back of the neck making it easy to slip on and off over the head. It is also designed with a magnetic breakaway safety clasp to prevent choking. Boojee Fashion Lanyards are secure enough to stay around the neck, but can easily dislodge in case it gets snagged on to something.

Beaded-Themed Lanyards

Our darling beaded lanyards are a true sweetheart! They’re modest, yet dazzling. The charm is the star of this ensemble of Boojee Beads that sits above the spinning lobster hook where your lovely ID badge will clasp. Some of our lanyards are designed with a string of tiny clear beads that are artistically inserted with a slightly larger silver bead. It measures at 38” long, hanging 19” from the back of the neck, and guaranteed to will look absolutely lovely on top of solid-color attire, but is sure to complement any color outfit. Boojee Beads’ beaded lanyards are also designed with a magnetic clasp.

Geo Beaded-Themed Lanyard

Add a pop of color to your work attire with our geo-design lanyards. Designed in an assortment of geometrical shapes and a variety of vibrant pastel colors, our fun and sassy lanyards are sure to be the centerpiece of every conversation. Bring out the colors of your chosen lanyard to really fuse the style with your own, or go a completely different way and contrast it with a dark color so that these Boojee Beads really stand out! This lanyard also comes with a spinning lobster hook measuring at 38” long with a magnetic clasp.

Seaglass-Themed Lanyards

Our beautiful aqua-themed lanyards definitely will bring the coastal waters of the Caribbean into the workplace. Designed with tiny-colored beads that reflect the colors of aquamarine coasts, sandy beaches, and earth-toned rocks and cliffs, our seaglass lanyards will bring a flair of island culture to your couture work attire. This Boojee Beads lanyard hangs 19” from the neck with a total length of 38” and a magnetic breakaway safety clasp.

Elegant-Themed Lanyards

Make a daring entrance into the workplace with one of our elegant lanyards. Strung in tiny black beading with a pop of cylindrical and geometrical silver beads, this lanyard just might be too fancy for work! The real centerpiece of this lanyard is the shiny oval black beading that gives this badge holder its uniqueness. This Boojee Beads lanyard is designed with superior quality and is not only beautiful, but also durable enough to hold a badge ID. It’s designed with a spinning lobster hook measuring at 38” long with a magnetic breakaway safety clasp.

Beverly Hills-Themed Lanyards

You can’t have a collection of Boojee Beads without sporting one of our Beverly Hills-Themed Lanyards! Some of our fanciful lanyards are strung together with a series of fine silver cylindrical metal, creating a delicate-looking chain that is strong enough to hold a standard sized ID badge. It is 38” long allowing for plenty of room to place over the head and is also designed with a magnetic safety clasp as an alternative way of putting on the lanyard. Perhaps the most elegant feature of this style Boojee Beads lanyard is the oversized cluster of clear and silver beading that is spaced throughout the string of fine beading making this a stunning accessory that will make any work attire most elegant.

Crystal Lanyard Boojee Beads. A Style for Everyone!

Boojee Beads has a wide variety of crystal lanyards that are sure to complement any style of work clothing, especially in a high-end corporate setting. Shop our online inventory and see how lovely our lanyards can brighten up your work attire. Shop Boojee Beads’ inventory of crystal lanyards today. Sign up for our newsletter to receive 10% off your first order. Call 888-726-6533 to inquire about gift certificates, badge reels and eyeglass holders.

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