Lab work can be very rewarding. The lab coat, however, can be a little drab. It can be difficult to feel like a unique woman when you seem to blend in with a stark white background, your beakers and filing cabinets. BooJee Beads has a sparkling solution to the humdrum lab coat. Our rhinestone badge reels add a touch of class and style to a sterile environment.

1. Fabulous Flowers

There are days when the starched white lab coat is almost too much to bear. These are the perfect days for our rhinestone badge reels.Our flowers can give you a delicate, gleeful little distraction to brighten up your day. For a subtler look, try one of our flowers with a delicate rhinestone fringe. Individual petals are edged with stones giving them a professional touch. We have just the right flowers for your fun side, too. Our jaunty flowers with rhinestone petals shine as brightly as you do. Come and explore our badge reel flower garden. From retro to refined, there is a flower for you.

2. Sparkling Sophistication

                                                           Rhinestone Badge Reels

We have just added a new a Brilliant Badge Reel for maximum shine. Also new: draw on the peaceful wisdom of the elephant with our beautifully-designed Elephant Badge Reel. The pleasant curvy silhouette of the 2-D ears, the trunk and the body are filled with filigree curls and accentuated with rhinestones. We foresee this becoming one of our most beloved pieces.

One of our popular pieces is truly a unique design. Do you know anything about Lisbon? The Portugal capital is a charming, hilly city, with a blue river that opens out onto the sea. With a long history of seafaring, this charming, square filigree Lisboa Badge Reel reminds you of royalty from long ago; and the beige reminds you of the positive, relaxed atmosphere of the city and its beautiful people; while the tannish color of the rose gold matches the miles of terra cotta roofs seen from any of the many hilltop viewpoints.

Our company was founded by a female ex-Fortune 500 exec and a nurse who understand both the importance of presenting a professional image, relishing in what you wear and the need for practical solutions in the workplace. Through personal experience, we have put together a collection of sophisticatedbadge reelssuitable for any laboratory or medical clinic. The spinning alligator clip will always keep your ID badge straight and will yet still move with you. You can also choose a stationary clip. Unclip your nametag and the stylish design doubles as a gorgeous lapel pin after work.

3. Convenient Confidence

Are you the queen bee of the lab? Wear your title proudly with our Bee Badge Reel. Our 32-inch retractable cord lets you swipe your ID without removal. Your ID will buzz back into place with no kinks or tangles. Our sparkling little bee will stay securely where you want him. Proclaim your royalty status and prepare yourself for plenty of attention.

4. The Heart of Fashion

                                                                    Heart Shaped Badge Reel

If you are the type to wear your heart on your sleeve, our rhinestone Eternal Heart Badge Reel is just for you. Now you can display your generous side along with your ID badge. This design has a heart studded with two layers of rhinestones, and another small bead heart on the top layer.

If you’re in love with hearts, we present the Dresden Heart Badge Reel, a chunky goldtone heart of smooth, bubbly curves, encrusted with rhinestones of varying sizes and shapes.

Add a bi-way pocket, and this is one heart that will not get broken.

5. Classic Chic

Our rhinestone badge reels come in a variety of classic styles inspired by the themes of yesterday. These reels come with all the modern conveniences such as the alligator clip and the 32-inch cord. The beauty is in the design. Rhinestones are paired with hammered metals to create stunning effects.

You can go from the lab to a night out with our jewel reels. After work, simply slip your ID off the reel. You are left with a lovely brooch.

Fulfill your desire for things that glitter with BooJee Beads rhinestone badge reels. Every item purchased comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee. These badge reels are economically-priced to keep you within your budget. For gift-giving times, our rhinestone badge reels are the perfect prescription. Contact us today and find out how easy it is to dress up your lab coat or any other outfit.

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