We all love summer, the season of barbecues, outdoor dinners, and family gatherings! With so many occasions to attend a summer party, you will likely be looking for creative gift ideas for party hostesses. While a gift certainly is not required, it can be a very nice gesture to bring a small item as a special thank you. If you are a pinch and wondering what to bring, consider this list of gift ideas for a summer party:

1. A recipe in a jar. We love this idea, particularly for busy parents. Who does not love a no-fuss brownie or cookie mix, made with care? There are many dessert recipes to choose from that involve putting dry ingredients in a mason jar, along with a note card that details wet ingredients needed and instructions for baking.

2. A small houseplant. There are many beautiful varieties of small, low-maintenance houseplants. Choose one with a purpose, such as one that is known to be air-purifying. A houseplant can be an unexpected, but welcome, gift, and a good alternative to flowers, which requires your host to stop what he or she is doing and find a vase to fill with water. (If you would like to bring flowers, be sure to bring them in a vase or adequate container. The last thing you want to do is cause extra stress on party day!)

3. A beautiful fashion lanyard. If your hostess is a close friend or family member who loves to accessorize, she will appreciate a newfashion lanyard to add to her collection. With so many styles to choose from, you can select one that will have special meaning for your hostess. Plus, these items easily transition from a workplace lanyard to a gorgeous necklace.

4. A bottle of white or red wine, or both! This is a classic gift idea. If you know your host well, you can select a bottle of his or her favorite wine. Otherwise, a pairing of a white and red makes a great gift. They can enjoy at a later time, or perhaps they will choose to serve the wine to their guests.

5. A new set of summer tumblers and coasters. Casual and durable summer drinkware is always appreciated, especially when you are hosting guests outdoors around the barbecue! A fun, colorful set of tumblers and coasters is a great way to say “Thank you” with a functional gift.

We hope you enjoyed these summer host and hostess gift ideas! BooJee has a wide selection of fashion accessories, designer handbags, fitnesstracker jewelry and more, all which make perfect gifts. Peruse our products online and see what’s new today!

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