Paris, Milan, London and New York fashion week runways inspire our Spring 2019 necklace chain lanyards at Boojee Beads. The hottest trends in both haute couture and street style include over-the-top tassels, Vatican influences and loads of color pop.

Even as the Spring 2019 fashion trends catch our eye and seeps into the everyday lives of stylish women, fashionable necklaces that are also ID badge holders can be a difficult to find - but you can find your go-to fashion chain lanyard with us! Check out our top chain lanyards designed to look like a fashionable necklace:

Tassels: Fashion Flashback Comeback

The winter trend of 2013 has made a comeback into 2019 with gigantic tassel accents added to outerwear. Make a more subtle statement with our specially crafted gold tone  Gatsby chain fashion lanyard. The fringe tassel in relation to the gold charms will have eyes turning when you walk through the office doors.

According to the Color Institute, the color “eclipse” should be wildly popular in 2019, and this is very similar to our  indigo evening chain lanyard. This color is easy to match with professional attire and the tassel accent on the chain lanyard adds a touch of the season’s fashion trend.

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May the Holy Spirit of Fashion Be With You

Some may remember the 2018 Met Gala theme of Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imagination and may not have thought it would work its way into the haute couture runway…but it so did!

Religion and fashion come together to bring out bold crosses and some not so bold, like the  Juliet cross chain lanyard that adds a little something to the usual lanyard. The tiny floral metal details on the rhinestone encrusted cross add a sense of grace to the overall lanyard.

Convert your practical lanyard into a statement necklace by removing the hook attachment in the  Portia cross fashion lanyard. This chain lanyard is simple yet in touch with the heavenly trend of 2019. The small emblem circle holds a beautiful cross to carry with you every day.

Color Pop: You Know You Want it

Designers such as Maison Margiela and Balenciaga are likely to produce avant-garde collections and this years’ Spring 2019 collection is anything but classic. Mix and match fabrics, add color to the classics and make everything outrageously chic is what you need to do this season. As you look into your closet for colorful clothing to wear, consider purchasing a fashion lanyard made with all the color you need! The Lavinia fashion lanyard is made with a black chunky chai- to match any outfit and multicolor beads to add all the color pop you need in an outfit.

Fashionable Fashion Necklace Lanyard with You In Mind

Boojee Beads is constantly working toward providing customers with high quality products to withstand the hustle and bustle of life. Wear your ID badge with confidence, drape your lanyard around your neck and just wait for all the compliments to roll in.

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