The daily life of a teacher can turn into a hot mess, fast. It is definitely not a fashionista’s perfect environment. The result tends to be a drab work wardrobe you really wish you could glam up. BooJee Beads is here to help. Our badge holder necklaces are fun to wear, very practical and add a touch of class to your classroom clothes.

While we know you do not wear your best designer clothes in the classroom, you don’t have to earn an F for frumpy, either. With our wide selection of badge holder necklaces and lanyards, you can turn frumpy into fashionable in a snap. May we have permission to tell you about a few?

1. Our Chain Badge Holder Necklaces are a Lesson in Fashion

Lanyards have taken a hard line in functionality. We have taken ours a bit farther. Our necklace style lanyards have been carefully chosen for their beauty as well as durability. You would never wear your good jewelry to school, but you can have a feel of elegance with our chain lanyards. They may look delicate, but they are ready to take on anything you do. Style meets function with the spinning lobster hook. No more backward badges or tangled messes.

At the end of the day, simply remove your ID badge and add one of our stunning pendants for the full necklace effect.

2. These Beaded Badge Holder Necklaces were Voted Most Likely to Please

                                                5 Badge Holder Necklaces School Teachers Love

Do not be put off by the name. These are not your grandmother’s beads. Gone are the gaudy beads of yesteryear that looked so plastic. Our beads are specially chosen to fit with the fashions of the day. They are expertly matched to create a unique statement and handmade into beautiful beaded lanyards that will get your vote.

From the primary colors teachers adore, to the fringe, tassel style that will dress any teacher in the latest fashion, you will want one for each day.

Just like all our necklace lanyards, these beaded beauties hang a full 19 inches from your neck. Add one of our open-edge Swiper Holders, and scanning your ID becomes a breeze.

3. Our Ribbon Lanyards are Top of the Class                                                                                                                                          5 Badge Holder Necklaces School Teachers Love 

Everyone appreciates a bit of fun and levity in their day, and that is what our ribbon lanyards deliver. Our wonderful variety of colors and designs make it simple for you to find the perfect lanyard to express your whimsical side. Choose a 3-in-1 fabric lanyard complete with a retractable badge reel, or pick your favorite key chain lanyard and accessorize it with one of our individual reels. We even offer teacher themed ribbon lanyards.

4. Teachers Give These Badge Reels the Badge of Approval

                                                 5 Badge Holder Necklaces School Teachers Love

If you teach young children, you may not want your ID within easy reach of mischievous little fingers. Meet our fashion ID badge reels. Designed with complete ease of use in mind, you can clip one of these reels almost anywhere. They feature an alligator clip that will spin a full 360 degrees to always ensure your badge hangs correctly. The retractable cord reaches a full 32 inches so you do not need to remove your ID to swipe it.

Adding one of our clear Bi-way Pockets is a mark of excellence. With it, you are adding a line of defense against scratches, finger paints, or any other disaster that could befall your ID. Once you remove your ID, your badge reel looks like a stylish brooch.

5. Our Badge Holder Necklaces are Ready for Game Day          

                          5 Badge Holder Necklaces School Teachers Love

What teacher doesn’t enjoy a ballgame? Show your school spirit with a badge holder necklace in your school colors. You never need to worry about leaving your badge or keys laying on the bleachers again. They are held securely and close at hand no matter how much you jump or cheer.

Our wallet lanyards will set you free. Tuck in your ID, drivers license, and cash for the concession stands, and you are good to go without worrying about carrying a purse.

Even Teachers Learn a Thing or Two About Fashion From Us

As you can see, our BooJee Beads ID badge holder necklaces are perfect for every teacher. Functional as well as fun, they are also competitively priced. Ordering is simple. Browse our store and fill your cart with a different lanyard for your every mood and class.

Contact us at BooJee Beads today with any questions you may have. Our award-winning customer service team will be happy to help you. We also have a stress-free return policy in case your order isn’t just right.

Shine up those apples and get ready to shine. Who knows, our necklace badge holders may just give you the confidence to wear that silk blouse to the class Christmas party.

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