Nowadays, for security purposes, ID cards are required to be presented on your person at all times, and sometimes act as keycards to swipe to enter restricted areas of the facilities. This leads us to a strange occurrence born of this necessity: meet the lowly lanyard and badge holders. How strange that these items of convenience have not evolved in design as quickly as the technology of the complex, computerized IDs. Plain ribbons and boring, plain holders have been accepted as standard issue everywhere you look.

We here at BooJee Beads decided long ago that this is not acceptable. If you have your best power suit on to dazzle them in the boardroom, why not have a dazzling lanyard that will add to the effect? Here are just a few examples of the trendy lanyards and badge holders that BooJee Beads has to offer.

1. The Lanyards Born of Elegance

 Butterfly Chain Lanyard

In the corporate world, you must dress your best and stand out. Nothing takes away from that faster than a plain lanyard hanging lifelessly around your neck. Allow us to introduce our beautiful line of chain lanyards. These chains were designed to follow in the footsteps of the latest jewelry fashions of the day. The BooJee Beads team updates our styles every 120 days. With the appearance of a stunning necklace, these lanyards are not only lovely, but they are functional as well. Holding your ID securely throughout the meeting, they transform into a fashionable necklace in two steps. Simply remove your ID, add one of our matching pendants and you are ready for that business dinner.

2. The Beaded Lanyards that Define Beauty

For those occasions when you want to add a splash of color, we offer our beaded lanyards. These are handmade lanyards with the latest in style and color in mind. The mention of beads will often bring up thoughts of loud, bulky, garish things. Not so with our collections. We keep fashion in mind when designing our lanyards and the results will take your breath away.

Delicate, colorful beads are combined to enhance your wardrobe regardless of the season. Our popular multi-strand lanyards look like a stylish necklace, but with hidden functions. You will appreciate the spinning lobster grip hook that will prevent those strands from becoming tangled while still prominently displaying your ID.

3. Our Lanyards Have not Forgotten About Fun

Not all jobs are the same. While the ID is still a mandatory item, a lack of whimsy is not. A career as a teacher or a position as a camp counselor leave plenty of room for fun. Express your playful side with our ribbon lanyards. Bright colors and exciting designs are the defining features of our popular lanyards. We have prints to allow you to show your own free spirit, or to help you connect with others. Every option has been represented in our collections, from teachers to nurses, breast cancer awareness, faith, positive messages and everything in between.

While boring lanyards are a thing of the past, accidents are not. That is why every one of our lanyards is thoughtfully created with a breakaway clasp. In the event that you run into an errant hand or even a doorknob, you will suffer no injuries such as the ones from older traditional lanyards. The clasp is strong enough to hold firm all day but will release with extreme pressure keeping you safe as well as your ID.

4. Badge Holders You Will Brag About

The overlooked badgeholder reels met BooJee Beads and are transformed into an accessory you will be proud to wear. First, we added a spinning alligator clip. This gives you the freedom to wear your badge holder on your sleeve, or anywhere else you like. The spinning clip will hold your badge straight no matter how much you move about. Never again will you be jabbed in the chin by your ID.

Next, we added a 32-inch retractable reel. Now you can swipe your ID without having to unclip it from your clothing. That means the retractable reel reduces your chances of losing it because you forgot to clip it back onto your clothing and left it somewhere.

Finally, we let our creative juices flow and designed the most beautiful badge holders available. From flowers to the bees, glittering stones or witty messages, you will love our collection so much you will want a different one for every day for yourself – or a colleague!

BooJee Beads is a company created and operated by working women who understand the challenges of all women in the workplace. For that reason you will find designs and styles here that stand out from the crowd.

Ordering from us is easy and you shop with peace of mind. We understand how hard you work for your money, that is why we have our pain-free return policy and prices that keep your bank account in mind. We want you to have the very best.

Come shop our website or contact us today. You will love the new additions to your wardrobe and your style.

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