BooJee Beads has been building a reputation of excellence by creating fashionable lanyards for every woman in every job. Our founders are working women who understand the delicate balance between function and fashion in all of our products. By listening to our customers, we have created the best selection of badge holder necklaces available today. We invite you to take a look at four of our most popular badge holder necklaces in 2018.

Express Your Lighter Side with Fabric Lanyards

Our fabric lanyard necklaces are extremely popular with the fun crowd. With a multitude of light patterns and colors, you are sure to find the perfect expression of your personality. Fun flowers, beautiful butterflies, and geometric designs are just a few of the choices waiting for you.

Teachers and nurses are highly represented in our collections. Show your love of your profession with the help of Boojee Beads. You can find an apple for the teacher or a precious band-aid for a nurse.

Each fabric lanyard is made of durable polyester to stand up to daily use. Once they have begun to look less than their best just toss them in the wash to make them look as good as new.

The most popular feature is the price and practicality! A 3-in-one, most of the fabric lanyards come with the retractable badge reel included. Some of our more popular models are the 80s-inspired black lanyard with colorful polka dots, our violet butterfly lanyard , and our black-and-white swirly lanyards.

Go Chic with Our Chain Badge Holder Necklaces

                              fashionable chain badge holders

Want something classy? We’ve got the thing for you. You can’t get classier than with a shimmering chain necklace as a lanyard. We bring that luxurious feel to our chain lanyards. Each one is designed based on popular jewelry styles, always at the forefront of fashion. From open links to delicate chains with smart accents, you are sure to discover a style that speaks to you.

Nothing is more frustrating than tangles in a chain necklace. We have taken that into consideration. Our answer to the dreaded kinks is our spinning lobster hook. No matter how much bending or twisting you do all day your ID will hang straight. Kinks and tangles are a thing of the past. After work, remove your ID and you are ready for a night out with a beautiful chain necklace.

Our chain lanyards are more durable than a classic necklace. Holding your ID securely all day is the top priority. We guard against accidental breaks by using our top quality breakaway clasps. Strong enough to stay put, but in case of an accident, the clasp will release. Safety is just another way Boojee Beads shows our customers how much we care.

Beads are Back with Our Badge Holder Necklaces                                fashion beaded lanyards

Beaded necklaces were the height of fashion years ago. They have evolved into statements of elegance today. Each one of our beaded badge holder necklaces is handmade using expert combinations of bead sizes and color themes. With such attention to detail, each badge holder is a unique work of art.

Choose a whimsical primary color badge holder to please the child in you. For the adult in you, we have many beautiful options from subtle to classy multi-strand. Remove your ID badge and add a stylish pendant for a necklace that will get noticed. 

Accessorize Your Badge Holder Necklace 

Personalize your badge holder necklace by adding one or more of our handy accessories. To keep your ID clean and scratch free, we offer a clear Bi-way pocket. Whether your ID is vertical or horizontal, this vinyl sleeve is for you. Openings on two sides and a snap attachment accommodate standard ID sizes. You can even tuck a bit of cash behind your ID and leave your wallet at home.

Adding a retractable badge reel to your fashion necklace makes presenting your ID a snap. Our badge reels each feature 32-inch retractable cords.

If you need to swipe your ID often, you will appreciate our open-ended swiper. This holder keeps your ID securely at hand with the ease of swiping without having to remove it from a holder. This is the perfect accessory for a retractable reel.

                                open-ended swiper holder

Everyone deserves an affordable way to express who they are. Boojee Beads is your boutique. Our prices are competitive. Our collections are carefully chosen and updated often. All of our items come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t wait another minute to add some pop to your workday wardrobe.Contact us today and browse our wide selection of premium badge holder necklaces. You will be glad you did.

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