You know how it goes. Whenever you really need that pair of sunglasses or reading glasses, you can’t find them! They end up long forgotten in dresser drawers or in purses put away for the season. Or, worse, they end up underfoot or on the front seat of your car—just waiting to be stepped or sat on and broken beyond repair. There is an answer to this age-old problem of keeping track of your glasses: Eyeglass jewelry! Don’t worry: Eyeglass jewelry has come a long way from old, bulky eyeglass cords of the past. Today’s eyeglass jewelry is fashion-forward and modern, and can be the perfect complement to any outfit. Here are 3 reasons why we love eyeglass jewelry:

1. Eyeglass necklaces and leashes combine function with fashion. You may be wondering about the difference between eyeglass necklaces and leashes. An eyeglass leash has two, plastic-looped ends. You just slip the arms of your glasses into the ends and the leash will keep your glasses close throughout the day. Leashes are ideal for reading glasses, as you likely take them off and on periodically. An eyeglass leash is also perfect if you are traveling and need to keep your sunglasses close at hand. An eyeglass holder necklace is exactly as it sounds—a necklace with a ring loop for holding your glasses!

2. They are an affordable—and fun—way to protect your investment. Eyeglasses and sunglasses can be expensive and you want to take care of them as best you can so that they last. An easy--and fashionable--way to protect your glasses is with eyeglass jewelry! By keeping your glasses secured, you will avoid misplacing them, sitting on them, or tossing them loose into a bag or purse where they can be scratched or damaged.

3. Eyeglass jewelry turns your glasses into a fashion statement. You can mix and match a selection of eyeglass necklaces and leashes to create your own personal collection of eyeglass jewelry. No matter your outfit or the season, you can always find a piece that matches your style and your glasses!

The Eyexotic line by BooJee features bold and beautiful eyeglass jewelry in a range of styles and colors. Find your favorite piece today.

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