Today, office attire standards have relaxed. Thankfully, few places demand stockings, a formal crisply-ironed business suit, pumps, clean-shaven skin and hair straightened and tucked. Instead, a degree of professionalism and at the same time comfort is encouraged to boost productivity. Personality is allowed to shine through.

BooJee Beads answers this shift in business attire with unique identification jewelry that stands out. Millions of people around the country have jobs that require them to wear an I.D. badge at all times while they are at work. Some common industries that require people to wear I.D. badges include healthcare, education, retail, and multinational companies with high security and in some cases, card key systems.

While I.D. badges do provide benefits to organizations that require them, they can be very inconvenient and frustrating for an employee to wear. I.D.’s because they are very easy to lose and forget. This can cause some inconvenience and frustration with your security colleagues, access to buildings, and to boot, often do not add anything to the wearer’s outfit, but are usually rather unappealing.

Lanyards are convenient ribbons or chains that can hang around the neck (it’s hard to lose if it’s attached to your person!) and have an attachment for an I.D. or key at the end used for work and professional conference purposes.

Shop our more than 150 functional jewelry lanyards. Most are priced at just -$11.

Beaded Lanyards For More Masculine Business Attire

3 Jewelry I.D. Lanyards for an Original Business Outfit

Beaded lanyards contrast smartly against more the more traditional business suit. You’ve probably held a superstition that if you wear clothes that make you feel like a high-powered exec that you are more focused and productive. Well, science proves that’s actually true!

On your power-drive to the top you chose the suit from your closet that makes you feel and look capable. The slight femininity of the beaded lanyard gives just the touch of “you” that you need and goes along perfectly well with your business suit. Very elegant, our lanyards come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Silver, gold, black, and blue go exceptionally well with most business suits.

Many of our most popular beaded lanyards also have additional pendants on them and can be customized to meet your style.

At an average of only $11 a unique lanyard is just one more piece that says “I’m unique.”

Have fun browsing our more than 45 beaded lanyards. You are sure to find one you love.

Chain Lanyards To Offset Colorful Blouses

You can pull off a bit of a louder look at your particular office, such as bright T-shirts with slogans or attractive designs, which you might ground neatly with a blazer, trousers and espadrilles.

Seek the contemporary, sleek style of our chain lanyards, which will help you further ground your look as well as set you off with touch of high class.

When you shop our chain lanyards, you will quickly find that they come in a variety of metallic tones, including silver, darker grey, gold, and others. They can also be styled to include a number of elegant jewels on the band and pendants at the base. These are great options for those that are looking for a more modern outfit.

Fabric Lanyards

In your particular work place, no-nonsense practicality is of utmost importance. So you dress it up where you can. You’ve got a special haircut or color, barrettes, unique sneakers and sandals. Just about everything you can, you personalize.

It turns out BooJee Beads also have extremely practical, 3-in-1 ribbon lanyards in all of the colors under the sun, with a retractable reel at the end so you can whip out your I.D. card/key whenever you need to and coil the cord neatly back inside the case.

One of the biggest complaints that people have with lanyards is that they can feel heavy and can irritate the skin. If you are looking for something that feels lighter and is less abrasive, a lanyard made of fabric could be a great option. This makes them ideal for someone that will be on their feet all day in a more casual environment.

When you are looking for fabric lanyards, you will see that there are dozens of different options to choose from. Check out our more than 60 fun, fabric lanyards that come in many different designs, colors, and styles for every season and occasion.

Benefits of Lanyards

Regardless of what type of lanyard you end up choosing, there are many benefits of wearing a lanyard that you should keep in mind. First, they allow you to stay compliant with your company dress code while also feeling and looking good. One of the hardest parts of wearing an I.D. badge all day at work is that you can feel as if the badge does not look attractive. With a lanyard, you can look great as it will soon look like another strategic accessory.

While the lanyards are great as a style addition, they are also very functional. When you wear a badge on a daily basis, you soon realize how easy they are easy to forget. When you have your badge attached to the lanyard, the larger size of the badge and lanyard will make it much easier to remember and harder to lose. This will be very helpful when it comes to staying in compliance with your dress code.

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